It’s Time You Got Reliable, Predictable & Profitable Results From Your Online Marketing

We Are A Boutique Digital Marketing Agency Specializing In Facebook & Google Ads

Our clients enjoy highly sophisticated Digital Marketing Funnels that produce Predictable Results, Month after Month!


Not all traffic is good traffic. We specialize in driving highly targeted traffic using both Facebook and Google Ads. We drive this highly targeted traffic to put your ads/offer in front of the right audience and keep your product/service top of mind. Both Facebook and Google Ads have excellent audience targeting options, that when employed correctly and consistently will have your ads and website visited by your ideal audience.


Time to convert all that highly targeted traffic into paying customers.  We use sophisticated sales funnels to nurture, educate and follow up with all your traffic and leads.  The end result is a predictable conversion rate.  At this point you add more traffic to your funnel and more lead/sales result, Scalability! 


During the entire process we collect valuable data to help consistently improve and optimize the campaign performance.  Variables change on a daily basis and we adapt your campaign in real time to ensure the best results and ROI. 

Campaigns That Get Results

Harold Roscoe, founder at Black Diamond Marketing, has been successfully managing online ad campaigns for over 15 years.  All campaigns are built from the ground up using methods and principles that are proven to work, time and time again.  

These proprietary methods and principles that Harold has developed, when deployed correctly, produce campaigns that get results, be it lead generation or ecommerce sales.

Client Results

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Real Estate Agency

The Marketing Triangle

There are 3 core steps needed to maximize a digital marketing campaigns. Many campaigns can be semi-successful with two of these and in fact have a positive ROl, but without the third step, money is being left on the table, and a lot of it.

Learn How Black Diamond Marketing Can Create a Highly Effective Custom Marketing Funnel For Your Business…

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