The Marketing Triangle

At first glance, the Marketing Triangle seems obvious and many businesses will tell you they already employ these three steps. At Black Diamond Marketing we can tell you, in our real world experience, most business are nowhere near their potential with their digital campaigns.

The real magic in the Marketing Triangle is in the development and implementation of each step. Every business is different and how you approach the overall marketing funnel matters. The tools we use in each step have changed dramatically over the past ten years, but the principals of the Marketing Triangle remain the same.

Let’s breakdown the Marketing Triangle

  1. Traffic Generation – There are all kinds of ‘traffic generation’ but at Black Diamond Marketing we specialize in paid online traffic. The advantages are too numerous to list, but in general with paid ads on services like Facebook Ads and Google Ads, we have the ability to show ads to a highly targeted audience that are already in your target market for your product or service.
  2. Call to Action, (“CTA”), & Info Capture – according to recent studies only 3% – 5% of people actively searching for a product or service will buy today and that’s with a clear CTA. People I tell that stat to are blown away. The other 95% – 97% will just go away without a proper info capture mechanism. We used to talk about the ‘list’, which referred to building a email list of both clients and potential clients. We still do this, however, there is a new type of list that is way more powerful. We still use email, but we also rely heavily on ‘digital lists’ of visitors and the actions they take on any given website. For example, we can build a list of people that clicked “Add To Cart” but never completed the checkout process.
  3. “Backend” Sales Funnel – we now have their email address and/or are on our ‘digital list’, it’s time to build a relationship with these folks. We employ a highly target campaign that is composed of both email (if that was collected) and digital ads that are highly targeted and are designed to demonstrate our expertise by giving them valuable information. We move people through the funnel from lead to paying customer.